SHEMIM® is an NGO dedicated to conducting innovative research and developing educational and action programs to cultivate greater harmony.
By relying on transdisciplinary research, SHEMIM® aims to create educational and advocacy programs that promote the harmonization of various systems, thereby building and enhancing economic, cultural, and social capital.
Acknowledging heredity and environment as inextricably linked, SHEMIM® suggests modulating normative social influences and environmental stimuli to improve general behavior.
Defining health as a state of physical, mental, and social well-being, SHEMIM® suggests a non-invasive approach to monitoring progress from the collective down to an individual level.

To rectify the world, we need to rectify our brains, which requires a rectified world. Therefore, rectification is a journey and not destination.

Guiding principles that we live by

Being honest means being truthful in all words and actions. It goes beyond avoiding lies and involves telling the complete truth, even if challenging.
Integrity results from consistent decisions to act ethically under challenging situations, especially when we oppose the mainstream or our position is endangered. To have integrity is to uphold ethical principles and follow through on one's aspirations and visions consistently, predictably, and reliably.
At our organization, quality means putting in our best effort and constantly working to improve how we serve our partners. This means prioritizing their needs above our financial gain.
Being a good citizen means knowing our responsibilities and respecting applicable laws and regulations. Our organization is committed to creating a transparent environment free of corruption, and we never offer bribes or use illegal methods to influence people's decisions.
Showing respect means appreciating and honoring each person, even if we might not genuinely feel it. We must create a platform where people are treated fairly and observe obligations under the applicable law and the organization's policy.
A respectful workplace provides a safe environment where there is no place for mocking, harmful discrimination, or harassment. It also ensures that all partners have a fair chance to pursue their career paths and protect their privacy.
Trust is built on genuine caring for each other without expecting to receive anything from the same person. Assisting each other harmoniously and respectfully enables our work to prosper.
Empathy is the ability to comprehend others' predicament and to strive to associate with their feelings emotionally and physically. Given our biased minds, we must continuously remind ourselves to give people the benefit of the doubt when observing their behavior. Akin to a dynamic mirror, we aim to bring out the best in others and help them be their authentic selves.
Our approach is to find innovative options to transform our conflicting interests into compatible or complementary ones. To resolve disputes, we strive to use objective criteria and reasonable standards and aim to tackle the problems, not the people involved.
We aim to treat others with dignity and ensure that they are treated better than we would like to be treated. This means behaving ethically towards every person by applying good moral standards to decisions that affect them. Justice also governs how we treat other organizations and manage relationships in the workplace.
We encourage a hunger for continuous education and inspiration to discover novel ideas, new technologies, and creative ways of working and interacting. We are fearless in sharing our innovations to face critics, ridicule, or opposition.
Learning from mistakes is essential to our educational qualification, and trial and error are fundamental to our progress. It requires us to provide a safe environment for people's fears, concerns, and vulnerabilities, where people work with passion and not stress.
Responsibility calls on us to accept the obligation to act in a manner considering all of the values mentioned herein. As an organization, we recognize that we will be held accountable for our actions and fully accept the consequences of any step we take. Admitting to mistakes, for us, is a sign of strength.
We strive for success by becoming better versions of ourselves daily, particularly regarding our values. Collaboration is vital; we don't aim to compete or rank.
We value receiving honest feedback and constructive criticism about ourselves, as it helps us improve and grow positively with greater optimism.
Being a leader means assisting others and not acting as the ultimate compass. We encourage people to continuously cultivate and use their intuition as the frame of reference instead of blindly relying on us. Critical questioning reduces corruption and helps us create a brighter tomorrow.
At our organization, we prioritize our partners' privacy and take responsibility for handling their information with the utmost discretion.
We understand that not everyone shares our values. Enforcing a single ethical principle can suppress personal morality, limit the acceptance of diverse cultural perspectives, and hinder progress in social and economic development.
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